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Moore Bettah 
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James Hill
Imaginative and versatile, sometimes sublime and other times just plain "out there, "James Hill breaks the ukulele sound barrier.  James seems to travel quite a bit from his home in Nova Scotia so if he's ever in your area, either appearing on stage or giving a workshop, you can not miss seeing him.  He will absolutely turn your musical head around and you will never think of the ukulele in the same way again.
He's very entertaining, humorous, energetic and just seems to be a super nice guy.  Always has time to stop and talk story for a bit.  I only wish he spent more time in Hawaii.

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Tim Sweeny, ukulele virtuoso and ukulele ambassador to the world!
Tim plays my kind of music.
.Top Ukulele Sites
Uke Leash............Hang on to that buggah!
Ukulele Underground---if you don't know about this web site you're probably not playing ukulele.
Award winning furniture builder Marcus Castaing hand crafts some of the most beautiful furniture you'll see anywhere using locally grown koa and other exotic wood species.   Click on the pic to give him a look!
  Handcrafted from silver and gemstones by my creative wife,
 Bonnie Sargent.
See her work here:
Hawaiian ukuleles in Tahiti?  You becha, and a lot more!  Already a reknowned sculpter and jeweler, Woody Howard is an old world craftsman who has recently added ukulele and guitar building to his repetoire of talents.  Woody hand crafts his instruments in this north shore Mo'orea shop using woods grown in Tahiti and the Tuamotu Island groups.  Shoots, he might even sell you a black pearl from his farm!
Check out his work at:  Te Kaha Ukuleles

Distinctive, hand crafted jewelry designs
You've heard the rumors and the gossip.  You thought you knew the dirt. Now check out the real story in an exclusive interview in the current issue of KAMUKE magazine.
On sale now!
The Hawaii Music Supply is the most comprehensive resource in the world for all of your ukulele needs!  Ukuleles, cases, strings, accessories, lessons, product reviews, blogs, free beer and more!  Check 'em out online or in person at their shop on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu in historic Haleiwa town.
Denise Silva is not only an ukulele player but she also expresses her love for all things ukulele through her unique and joyful art work that would brighten up any music room or home.
A must have for any ukulele lover!
I've really come to like these new Oasis fluorocarbon strings and will be using them on most of my ukes now.  
Give them a try if you haven't already.
Click the pic for more info

Is your Apple rotten?  Your Macintosh computer acting like an old Mack truck?  Still don't know how to text on your iPhone (or is that just me)?  Is your computer laboring because it's choked with sawdust (or is that just me?)  Whatever your Apple issues are these guys can help you out!  (Ask me how I know!)  From troubleshooting to data recovery to network setup and so much more, these guys are absolute WIZARDS with Apple products.  Charles can explain things in such a simple and thorough manner that even I (a former technophobic) can understand.
And make sure to check out Melissa's "tips and tricks" from the Mac Observer.
You're welcome!